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Dear followers,

this update is not as big as a new chapter, but it is nearly as important.
It features a whole new reworked character controller which should be more robust against glitching and other problems. It also behaves different than the old one. Of course, it is possible that the new controller introduces new bugs, but I still hope that the new ones are not as significant as the glitches and other game breaking bugs.

Also, I changed a little bit the shaders in the intro sequence and hope that this maybe fixes a problem with Linux where the screen is only black.

There are also additional bug fixes with the enemies and raycasting problems in the new chapter.

I hope the new character controller fixes the annoying glitches and other problems which occurred with the old one.
I continue to fix ongoing bugs and will also start to work on the next and final chapter the next days.

Best wishes,


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Version 6 Jan 04, 2021
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Version 6 Jan 04, 2021

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