The House | Dev Diary #6

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Dear followers,

The last week I was working hard on getting the next level, the house, together. It will finally clear up a little bit the first opening scene, but more of that should you discover yourself.

I am still very busy in creating the house and fill it with furniture, notes and other things to discover as well as a new enemy, the darkness. What the darkness is and how it behave should you also experience yourself when the chapter comes out.

When will it come out you ask? The plain answer is when it's done, but I think December is a good hint. I am still consider if it only features the house with all it's things to discover or even more. But this depends on the size of the house it is getting and how much sense it makes in terms of the story.
But more on that on a later date. Still, enjoy the new screenshots I have made for you. :)

Best whishes and stay healthy,

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