Dayscream Early Access also on

Dayscream finally also hits after it's release on Steam.

Experience the first Chapter of it and be part of the Early Access journey! 

Here are some facts about it:

What is real and what isn't?

Dig deep down in a world of darkness. You have just your pipe and a strange kind of remote control. Uncover the secrets of your dreams and try to find out what is really going on. Are they just daydreams or your deepest nightmares?

Are you awake? Do you live in an apocalypse? Or are those visions just dreams. What is real and what is not? Try to find it out with your mind, a pipe and a remote control.

Discover dark surroundings in this retro/psx style horror game. Fight against monsters and other dark occurences. Fight your way through dark tunnels, old houses and other dark and bizarre places to uncover the mysteries of this world. Puzzles, paper chases and other mysteries will occure during your journey.


  • PSX Style graphics
  • solve mysterious puzzles
  • battle against monsters or try to run away from them
  • solve even more mysterious paper chases

I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes and stay healthy,


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