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The fact that you're charging for this is absolutely insulting.  I'm glad I received it in a bundle because otherwise I'd be asking for a refund.  This game is "in development," but hasn't been updated for almost a year now.  There are textures missing, walls that aren't connected, music that cuts out and never comes back, doors that don't open, and areas you shouldn't be able to access but can.

I'm normally not one to complain when it comes to indie, especially when it's in development, but this is just plain awful.


I genuinely tried this to like this game in any way possible..... It's just awful. The mechanics for the fighting don't work properly and 9/10 times don't hit the enemy, the enemies can go through the floor, It thinks I touch the movement controls (WASD) when I don't, can't crouch. ALSO THE DOOR DID NOT OPEN WHEN I HIT BOTH BUTTONS!!

Honestly this needed a ton, and I mean A TON, of work.

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Actually terrible. Started game, there are missing textures, the crouch button literally doesn't work, the swinging of the pipe is extremely inaccurate, and you get a key that seems to do nothing and there's no door to use it on. You have a tunnel, a useless side room with a couple shelves and barrels, a save room, and a storage room (of which both the floor and ceiling texture are missing) with a body in the middle. As far as I can tell there is no way to progress.

This was not worth the bundle price let alone 3.99